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My reality TV show audition video
A couple weeks ago I caught an ad for HP Space, a new reality tv show filming in Asia. Being a new show I'm not sure how it's going to work, but I imagine it'll be something like The Apprentice or Project Runway, the difference being that they were looking for creative people; designers, illustrators, artists, film makers etc. It sounded perfect, I had to enter.

So last Monday being a public holiday in Singapore, my friend Sharon came over and helped me film my audition video. What I assumed would take half an hour to film ended up taking about two hours. Going in I had a general idea of what I wanted to say as well and what gags we wanted to do, but when it came to the actual filming I started feeling self conscious. It probably took three goes before I could get the routine down - we were pretty happy with it, but the final clip had to be under one minute (currently it was double that). We kept cutting things out and reshot again and again, but one minute is not much to work with. And to make matters worst, we didn't know how to edit videos so we had to get it all in one take. So I might get my intro down, but halfway through I'd stuff up my lines and have to start again. Let me tell you, actors don't have an easy job - afterwards I was pretty exhausted!

So without further ado, check out my audition video.

If you can spare 20 seconds, please sign up and rate my video (and add a comment) - who knows, it could mean the difference between me making the show... wish me luck!

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Good luck dood! No one can resist the Tang charm.

Hi mrtang,

Check out this youtube challenge

''Shoot a :30 second clip of yourself telling us why you are The Nex Big Thing when it comes to entrepreneurship and why we should spotlight you on our homepage.''

More details : (


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