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So I uhhh won HP Space.

It took a while to hit me, but yeah I won the Pan-Asian creativity-based reality tv show HP Space :) Winning is going to have a huge impact on my life - not only will it open up more opportunities work wise, but it means that I'll be staying in Sydney longer than I intended. Not necessarily a bad thing, just not what I was originally planning (I was hoping to move to New York in September 2010. But now because I won, I have to stay in Sydney for as long as the Bubblegum Crisis job goes for).

A lot of people have asked what I'm planning to do with the prize money but as boring as it sounds I plan on puting it towards an apartment. Graphic designers don't make that much money, so in all honesty this will probably be the only instance that I'll have this much money at one time. So I it'll be a waste to piss it all away on gambling and women! Ok maybe a little.

Winning has been a tremendous surprise for me. When I first found out I was being accepted into the show, I really really just hoped that I wouldn't be the first contestant to be eliminated. I was soooo happy when we got through the installation challenge (the first challenge to eliminate contestants), that everything else after that was bonus. It seems like all so long ago.

We film the show two weeks ahead of the actual airing date, so keeping this a secret has been incredibly tough. A couple of my friends asked me early on if I'd won and I lied saying that I only made it through to the final three. I wanted them to be shocked when they saw it on TV. And they were! If only I could see their faces, I was constantly laughing just thinking about it.

All up HP Space was a pretty crazy experience. It wasn't easy - and I'm not just talking about the challenges, but also relationships with the other contestants... even so it turned out to be a thoroughly worthwhile experience. I probably made many mistakes along the way (by the end of it a lot of contestants had turned against me), but throughout the competition I did the best that I could - and played it in a way that stayed true to my principles.

If I had the chance to do it all again, would I change anything? Probably not.

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Amazing! I always knew your crazy skill set was perfect for something :)

HOLY SHITBALLS DAVE. That's awesome news! No wonder you're coming back here, hahaha XD

So where will this apartment beeee? You should probably just dump most of it in a high-interest account while you make up your mind so it magically makes extra money.

That's the plan in the short term, but I guess the apartment would be as close to the city as I can afford. But any advice when I get back would be appreciated, since I have no idea about this kind of stuff :/

Also I've been feeling really creative lately, and I can't wait to get back into Hayase meets!

Woo congrats !. Guess that's why you're heading back eh?

Oh man, AMAAAAAAAZING, congrats to you! Now I can watch it all, safe in the knowledge that the right person wins. :D

Also I have now started referring to it as The David Tang Show.

I suggested the same, but the producers decided against it because of various legal reasons.

'grats duuude! And I'm now so proud to say that I know the winner of a reality TV show!!!! :D

Awesome work David, very proud!!

- michelle

Congratulations! It's like you met destiny in Singapore. \^o^/

Congratulations Mr. Tang!! \(^ ^)/

Whoa ho ho!

Congratulations Mr Tang!

Remember us when you are famous NYC design monkey, interfacing with clients and refractalising their mindscapes 2.0.

David Blumenstein

Thanks buddy! If I had a dollar for every time I refractalised someone's mindscape 2.0...

Huge congrats dude, freaking well done!

Way behind in my blog reading, but congrats! What are you planning on doing when you get back?

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