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Organising a hen's night in Singapore is REALLY difficult
So a good friend of mine is getting married this Sunday. We hung out last week and she told me that she wasn't going to have a bachelorette's. I decided right then and there that I would help to organise one. Here's lesson number one: FINDING A MALE STRIPPER IS NIGH ON IMPOSSIBLE IN SINGAPORE. Every website we found with a phone number or email, no one would answer. We came across a couple where they organise the entire party for you, or you could just go to the club and they would have dancers - but hey, they all closed down.

In the end we finally managed to find one - he pretty much monolopolised the market but it cost $300SGD for 20 minutes. Seriously if anyone is looking for enterprising opportunities in Singapore - try working as a male stripper. You'll make a killing. This guy wasn't very good, he kind of freaked out the hen with his dancing and little body. Which of course was hilarious for everyone else watching. He wasn't very good looking, and his costume was pretty lame (t-shirt, jeans, a party mask - the ones you buy for 50c at a party store and white gloves(?)), although I must admit it was super impressive when he suddenly ripped off his stripper pants. (The ones with buttons on the side.)

Every guy should own a pair of stripper pants.


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