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2009 - The year in Review

Wow so umm 2009's been a pretty eventful year for me. Lets get nostalgic! Bil bil bil bil bil!

2009 started out with a bang, as Michelle and I climbed Mt Kinabalu (the 3rd highest mountain in South-East Asia or something). Pretty awesome huh? Or at least it would have been, if we'd made it to the top. Instead we could only make it 3/4 of the way up, but you know what they say it's about the journey blah blah blah. Ah well it was still a good achievement :)

Not long that after I went to Tokyo and it was just as awesome the second time around. I remember wandering Shinjuku at night with Steve trying to find a vending machine that sold used panties... visiting Lock-Up; the prison themed cafe. Eating at my favourite ramen place in the world, and then Steve introducing me to a new ramen place which may be even better! Going to DisneySea, hanging out with Dan and Chito, attending a manga convention, seeing the Osamu Tezuka exhibition... Tokyo is one of my favourite travel destinations but definitely it was made all the more fun since I got to hang out with great friends. Thanks guys!

The Wii is more of a party machine, it's a bit sad playing Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. by myself, which is why I finally decided to buy a PS3! Definitely happy with my purchase - but I just wish I had more time to sink into these giant games (such as GTA IV), there's never enough time... and if I only knew that months later they would drop the price and come out with the PS3 Slim. Argh!

Another highlight for the year was when Steve and the Sefton girls finally visited Singapore! What a tiring, insanely fun set of days they turned out to be. There was much clubbing to be done, we went to Bintan (I'd never been until then) and it was just so great to hang out with them all again. It definitely made me homesick for my wacky friends back in Sydney.

2009 will forever be remembered as the year that I finally learnt how to swim and how to ride a bike. These have been on my to-do list for many years, so this was a tremendous deal for me... I'm so proud of you David Tang!

I moved into a new place with a work colleague and her boyfriend in October; an old unit in Farrer Park. The location's great, and the rent is really cheap! If only I'd moved into this place earlier; this is by far the best place I've lived in since moving to Singapore. Too bad I have to move out in like a month and a half time (more on this later).

After almost two years I had to quit my job as a magazine art director. It wasn't an easy decision - but the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of participating in HP Space was too big to pass up. I've been pretty proud of the work I've produced (and even managed to win a design award) but it'll be the people that I'll miss the most. Quite a few of my closest friends in Singapore are from the office, and I miss not being part of that world.

And of course the biggest event to happen in 2009 was HP Space; the reality tv show I took part in. It was by far one of the toughest things I've had to do; it was two months of intense work, very little sleep and insane levels of stress. But still it was a terrific experience, I got to work on some really cool stuff for the challenges. I'll write more about this in a separate post later, but for now watch the episodes and read my HP Space blog if you haven't already done so. The last episode airs next week.

Next week I'll be going to Phuket with a friend to celebrate New Year's, but other than that that's 2009 wrapped up. What a super productive and memorable year that turned out to be! And it's looking like 2010 is going to be just as massive; moving back to Sydney in early February, starting a new job, (hopefully) finishing my graphic novel about living in Singapore... I can't wait :)

Merry Christmas and a happy new year everyone!

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Hi! My name is Maria, from Indonesia.
Well, actually I'm your fan, and I really wanna say this to you.
Congratulation!!! I'm really happy to hear that you are the winner of HP Space. I really love your work, and good luck for the new job!
Once again, congratz!

Hello Maria from Indonesia! Thanks so much for your very kind words :) As much as it was exciting to win, I actually entered the competition for the experience. I've always enjoyed watching reality tv shows and I wanted to know what it was like to actually be on one. So what's it like? Exhausting, stressful, but also - very fun :)

Hi there!
Thank you for replying my message before :)
I also really like to watch reality show, but never think to join any reality show. Well, here in Indonesia the reality show is totally different :)
But I'm glad you enjoyed the HP Space. The show impressed me a lot :)
Looking forward to see another art work from you, and Happy 2010!
Ps : Really like your music video :)

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