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On being unemployed...
It sounds good not having to work, but man it gets really boring after a while.

It's not like I can go and hang out with friends since every NORMAL person is at work, so I'm stuck at home not really knowing what to do with myself. Work on the graphic novel has slowed down a bit - my motivation's been a bit lacking as of late. Even though I technically have a job on Bubblegum Crisis (which probably starts in September) and I CAN live off my prize money, I've started applying for jobs to do in the meantime.

The good thing is I'm not living alone. I live with my parents (retired) and grandparents (extremely retired) but it's not the same - I need to interact with people my own age. But man job hunting's been REALLY tough. I know the economy supposed to have bounced back by now, but I don't think it's quite spread to the design industry just yet. You can really tell the difference from the last time I was job hunting two years ago. Salaries aren't as high and there aren't as many senior roles.

So if anyone knows of any designer/art director roles - let me know. I'm really expensive, but I'm really good!


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