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Working late and cab charges
I had to work back til 10:30 tonight - it was totally unexpected. I went in thinking I would go home at my normal 5:30, but a deadline's a deadline and there was still a lot of stuff to do. I didn't mind, since I'm paid hourly. And at least I wasn't alone; there were probably about 8 of us there (including the manager). The manager arranged Thai for dinner for us which was really nice, but what really impressed me was the fact that we all got cab charges. This is not that unusual, but another guy and I are freelancers - the manager didn't HAVE to give us a cab charge; but he did. We could have easily just got the train home, but the fact that the manager did that for us really showed how much they appreciate us. Even when I told him I lived in Cabramatta he didn't balk (the fare ended up being $110) - that's a pretty awesome company.

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The stories are like reflections of what I am going through in my life…and these did make me realize my mistakes and what steps do I need to take….

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Ummm that's very vague but thanks for reading!

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